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New Tee-Shirt VON MAGNET LIVE. Limited edition

Tee-shirt von magnet

Available in Black or Red T-Shirt.
Different sizes Men or lady.
Limited edition.

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COMPUTADOR+FLAMENCO MUTANTS. Remastered special 2014 edition

“Computador" is the second mythical album which Von Magnet created. Produced by legendary British wizard Ken Thomas, it includes the original soundtrack of a full scale “total” performance, a “musical tragedy", a demented electro-rock-flamenco opera which shook the 1991 edition of the famous Transmusicales of Rennes festival.
The following year, the group members demonstrated with "Flamenco Mutants", a mini L.P in which feature a Doors cover song, a pastiche of the Gipsy Kings as well as complementary tracks of the show, that despite its serious "post-industrial” reputation, they also had a real sense of humour and malice.
Those two records, here for the first time logically combined as one, have been remastered in 2014 by Norscq. Demonstrating the extravagant creativity and the theatrical power of the young magnetic crew at its best, Computador+Flamenco Mutants give us an unique opportunity to rediscover the audio world of a delirious performance piece.

Digital Download available here.

Flamenco mutants

VON MAGNET Performances 1985/2013. Double DVD

Von Magnet performances 1985/2013

Release end of february 2014

Von Magnet DVD

Thanks to this double DVD, the past path of Von Magnet finally unravels. Here at last we get to discover the missing trails & stepping (or rather “stamping”) stones of their career; a long road punctuated by stopovers and life/work residencies (London, Barcelona, Rennes, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Nancy, St Etienne…) throughout a journey that kept on going for more than 2 decades via some extravagant shows, concerts, on-site performances or theatrical happenings.

Von Magnet, first a dream, then a “troupe” / “company”, later a group, enlivens a chameleon nomadic project, a wide constellation which crossed powerful episodes of creations and various stages of metamorphosis. From the beginning - London / 1985 - arose the story of a mutual fascination, the attraction of an ear for an eye, when experimental sound men, dreaming of post-industrial underground, made a pact with women issued from Art School and Theatre Academy.

The dynamics of “magnetism” were already there. Together the “Magnets” were galvanized by the desire to invent, to push the boundaries of space & scenography and to provoke always any possible forms of multidisciplinary art. In parallel, the crucial encounter and apprenticeship with masters from the Flamenco London scene triggered an inspiring dialogue between early samplers and expressions of “Compas” (flamenco rhythmical sequences). It was the birth of the original Von Magnet stylistic signature, synthesized in 1987 with their first performance piece and record “El Sexo Sur-Realista”… History was on its way !

This double DVD presents a luxury 3 page Digipack. (design by Servovalve and authoring by Marcelo Valente) Featuring original footage & videos of the major performances created by Von Magnet :
El Sexo Sur-Realista, Computador, Electrorisks, Mezclador, Nuevas Cruzes, El Planeta, De L'Aimant, Neither Predator Nor Prey, Polarized
As well as bonus, audio songs, side tracks & remixes by Norscq, Def, 2kilos &More, Mimetic, Wild Shores, Sizzle, Jhon Blackfire.

A coproduction of La Chaudière and Von Magnet, With the help of all our magnetic contributors, & the Region Rhône Alpes. Distribution in France : Orkhestra International . World : Ant-Zen Records.

Von Magnet would like to thank all the KissKissBankers for making this DVD project possible !

For more informations about this DVD, please contact us here.

VON MAGNET : 1985 / 2012. Unique & Multiple

In 1987, Von Magnet claimed the birth of their Electroflamenco. Since then, destined to become a long term artistic project, they continuously shaped their own peculiar and unique style.

And if, within the music of Von Magnet we could trace a dozen of others, like a sonographic harbour where pavilions could be called : electro, rock, flamenco, oriental, contemporary, industrial, ambient… it is maybe its intrinsic theatricality which makes it so expressively special. For each song is a mini drama where the performers are free to storm the recording studio, to invade the audio medium like any other kind of scenic space.

Von Magnet bears a self-imprint; its own heritage in movement. Always re-invented, but carried out in constant phase with each time period that it crosses. As Von Magnet always privileges live ventures and performances, their record production has been quite sparse. Often, we have to wait 4 years before unveiling a new page of their discography. With this new album entitled "Archipielagos", the sculpture of a rare life-long work appears. Suddenly, after a long path of 25 years, the so-called "iconoclast" understands that he has drawn its own iconography.


Archipielagos, the Spanish word for "Archipelagos", bears the flavour of the word "piel" or skin. Metaphors for a group of immersed territories… isolated but belonging to a common soil, body or ocean. These submerging entities are carnal, sonorous, individual and existential. Atolls of emotions, chunks of skin, topographic songs, snatches of partially revealed stories, compose throughout this album a multifaceted self-portrait, a rich “magnetorama”. Collapsing in a trans-temporal mode, in one glance looking back into the past and forward towards the future, Von Magnet revisits its own mirror. The heart of its self-invented world, intimate, tumultuous, mutable, loving and why not universal.

The dense and maximalist music of Von Magnet ravels around sample collages and heterogeneous electronic sounds, underlayed by the implacable rhythmical cement of Flamenco, on which the performers lean on.

More electric, a real band (which performs the performance “Polarized” live) enriches the compositions of these pieces. Featuring Def (machines, MS20, drums), Tit’o (guitarist of Picore, Uzul Prod. & Oddateee), Hugues Villette (drummer, co-leader of the electronica project 2kilos&More), Séverine Krouch (the other half of 2kilos&More) and Lisa May (actress/performer for Jan Fabre).
Almost absent from the concept of the previous album “Neither Predator Nor Prey”, the voices of Flore Magnet and Phil Von take back at last their leading roles as figureheads of the magnetic ship. Both singers inhabit and magnetize with intensity and passion, all the islands of this archipelago.

The master mixer, Norscq, signs this new flawless production. The quality trademark of an inoxydable collaboration.

An Ant-Zen records / Von Magnet records co-production.

Flore Magnet lead vocals
Phil Vonmusic + lead vocals + zurna + accordion + zapateados
Defsynths + drums + basslines
Hugues Villettedrums + percussions
Lisa Mayvocals
Séverine Krouchbass + bow guitar

« als waer's das letzte mal » written by Robert Görl + Gabi Delgado-Lopez

Norscqproduction + mixing + mastering
Brice Marin studio recordings at Jarring Fx studios Lyon
Emilie Salquèbrephotos + artwork
Stefan Alt graphic layout


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